Heart model provides
surgical blueprint

Heart-warming story UofL medical and engineering personnel worked with a Kosair Children's Hospital radiologist to develop a 3D model of a 14-month-old boy's heart. The model enabled the surgeon to pinpoint locations of the boy's four heart defects, allowing for a quicker, safer operation than typical scans permit.

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Million invested in clean,
affordable energy

New ideas in renewables The Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research, located in the J.B. Speed School of Engineering since 2009, is taking a collaborative approach with universities, utilities and businesses to conduct and facilitate R&D on renewable and energy efficient technologies.

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Years of groundbreaking

Taking on cancer The James Graham Brown Cancer Center has emerged as one of America's finest cancer treatment and research institutions. Their achievements include the first anti-cancer drugs that inhibit cancer cell metabolism and the first stem cell vaccine to prevent cancer. Today, a UofL-based research team is using tobacco plants to create a second generation of the world's first 100%-effective cancer vaccine. In addition, they have the world's largest nonprofit computer grid – already used to discover more than 20 new anti-cancer drugs.

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Pioneering modern miracles

Healing broken hearts Our own Dr. Roberto Bolli is making extraordinary strides in cardiology research. He is spearheading the study of adult cardiac stem cells to alleviate the damage caused by heart attacks and improve recovery, as well as leading a team from four universities in pre-clinical trails on cardioprotective therapies.

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Million invested in
research in 2012

Prioritizing innovation As one of the fastest growing research universities in the nation, UofL is putting pioneering research on the fast track. Today, we are working tirelessly to help improve the lives of Kentuckians and citizens of the world. (Chronicle on Higher Education-Almanac Issue)

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