Acres of state-of-the-art
labs & office space

New home for breakthroughs J.D. Nichols Campus for Innovation and Entreprenuership, near UofL's busy medical community, will house multiple facilities in close proximity to expedite collaboration and shared expertise among researchers and companies. The park clusters valuable resources and connections to grow business in a campus-like environment.


Estimated economic impact
from research park

Stimulating growth The planned 39-acre Belknap Engineering & Applied Sciences Park is the centerpiece of a Signature Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district. The featured microfactory will link students and researchers with private businesses to deveop new products and test them in the marketplace.

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Million sq. ft. of modern
office & research space

Expanding beyond Belknap The ShelbyHurst Research and Office Park is located on half of an 8.3-acre tract in eastern Jefferson County. The campus includes three office buildings, including the first LEED-certified multi-tenant office building in the state. This long-term income-producing property helps fund the academic and research mission of the university.

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The impact of private
investment in research

Innovation trust fund UofL's "Bucks for Brains" program is a strategic Kentucky state investment in university research that has made a tremendous impact since its inception in 1998. This includes a net economic impact of $860.6 million for Kentucky, an increase in earnings of $290.4 million and an employment gain of over 1,500 in fiscal year 2011.*
(*Cumulative data from FY1999 to FY2011. Source: Manoj Shanker, Meech & Shakar, LLC)

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Billion invested in
campus development

Positive change is everywhere UofL has literally transformed with the addition and modernization of dozens of buildings and facilities, as well as the beautification of surrounding green spaces. It's no coincidence research productivity has raised dramatically and our measures of economic development have increased sharply.

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